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Comparing CMAC Credit Experts and Other Services

Consumers have many different solutions to help with credit problems, but it can be difficult to understand exactly how each type of service can help your credit. CMAC Credit Experts provides a unique service that combines nearly two decades of credit repair practice with a mastery of credit scoring systems.

CMAC Credit Experts Credit Repair Credit Counseling Debt Relief Bankruptcy
Helps to Remove Negative Items Yes Yes No No No
Prevents Credit Score Damage Yes No No No No
Helps with Collections Yes No No Yes Yes
Helps with Credit Card Debt Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed FICO® Results in 60 Days Yes No No No No

Better Than Credit Repair

CMAC Credit Experts takes a personal and educational approach to help you diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your credit. Your case is not managed by a computer or software program — it’s supervised by your very own personal credit expert. Your CMAC Credit Expert will coach you throughout the process to ensure that you meet your goals.

Putting the “Expert” in Credit Expert

Most people don’t know that traditional credit repair strategies can actually damage your credit scores. Due to the complex nature of modern credit scores, disputing the wrong information can leave you with a lower score than before.

A Service Tailored to Your Needs

Our process tackles every credit hurdle from helping you negotiate and settle bad debt to choosing and building the right kinds of credit—and everything in between. All paperwork is prepared and provided for you to make your credit clean up quick and easy.

Negative information only affects about 35% of your FICO credit score derived from your payment history. Unlike traditional credit repair, we address 100% of the factors considered by credit scoring models. Our results aren't simply based on responses to dispute letters; we follow a scientific, empirical process focusing on modeling behaviors and improving every part of our clients' credit scores. We can even help you to improve your credit scores if you have no negative information. Whether you need to open accounts, close accounts, pay things down or move things around, CMAC has you covered.

Fast and Affordable Results in 60 Days or Less

Our services have fixed durations, not an indefinite barrage of month-to-month fees. This helps make our programs hundreds of dollars cheaper than traditional credit repair plans with results in half the time.

No Risk Money Back Guarantee

CMAC Credit Experts guarantees that our services will yield significant results directly on your credit scores or you get your money back. Our no risk 100% money back guarantee applies to both our 3 and 6 month services.

Legal & Trusted Since 2001

Thousands of clients have entrusted CMAC Credit Experts to legally improve their credit scores. We are proudly licensed, bonded and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.