Privacy Policy

Our Use of Your Personal Information

At Credit Mentoring and Consulting, Inc. we take your privacy very seriously. We take all precautions to ensure your safety while working with or visiting us.

CMAC Requests for Information

If you are interested in receiving more information, or inquire about specific facets of our family of companies, we may ask for your email address, name, and other information so that we can send the requested information to you. All information collected is considered private, and is used only to send information to you about our firm. We do not sell, rent or share our e-mail records. In the event you decide to update or delete an email address in our records at any time for any reason, please contact us to make those changes.

CMAC Web Site

We do not permit malware, spyware, or adware on our website. We only document the information that your browser provides us detailing your operating system, referral source and other minor details using cookie technology. When we collect sensitive personal information, it is encrypted with SSL technology.

CMAC Services

When you order or participate in CMAC services, we collect your name, mailing address, contact information (which may include a phone number and email address), information necessary for payment (either a credit card number or checking account information), and other identification information as necessary. Our use of this information is limited to processing payments and delivering services. This information is neither made available to any third parties nor combined with any other information at our disposal. No matter what personal information you have given us, any subpoena or attempts by law enforcement to gain access to this information will be challenged. In the event that you want to view, update, or delete this information, please contact us. Otherwise, your contact information is kept on file for your convenience. It will not be used in any other way: we do not sell, rent, or share any information with parties without your permission.


For any other information about our privacy policy, please contact us.