How It Works

Learn More About Our Process to Improve Your Scores

Fast and Easy Results

CMAC clients get results in as little as 45 days where they count: on each of their credit scores. Unlike traditional credit repair companies, we address all five areas of FICO credit scores to guarantee score improvement. While we work on removing and correcting misleading negative information, our attention to the complexity of credit scoring makes our process fast and effective.

Remove inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable information

We'll help to clean up your credit file by lobbying both the credit bureaus and your creditors and carefully address misleading or incorrect negative entries.

Resolve and Settle Collections or Outstanding Balances

If you have collections or bad debt, we prepare an easy-to-follow plan with priority, recommended settlement amounts, phone numbers, and more.

Learn How to Use and Manage Your Accounts and Improve Your Score

Your personal credit expert will advise if you should open, close, pay or use your accounts in a different manner.

Process Overview

  1. We Outline Our Plan - After collecting your information by phone and pairing you with your personal credit expert, we'll schedule an initial phone session to analyze your credit information and help you understand how your credit scores work. In this first 30-60 minute phone call, you can get to know your expert and ask all the questions you'd like about your credit.

  2. We Prepare the Paperwork - A package including any needed letters or documentation is prepared on your behalf and sent to you by U.S. mail or electronically. This package includes a summary of what's already been covered, action items to address, and other relevant materials.

  3. We Execute Our Plan - During this period we'll be helping you to remove inaccurate and unverifiable information, settle bad debts, and open, close, or pay down account balances respectively. Your credit expert will periodically follow up to make sure we're always on the right track.

  4. We Review Our Results - During another scheduled phone session, you and your credit expert will review your credit information and ensure you are ready to proceed by analyzing deleted or updated information, coaching you on the remaining accounts, and optimizing your file for the future.

  5. We're There to Help - Any additional questions, concerns, or needs can be addressed in your extended service period. This period also gives us the opportunity to address any other outstanding issues and prepare follow-ups if needed. Your service comes with unlimited contact, and at any time you are encouraged to call your expert for guidance.

There's Nothing Like an Expert on Your Side

CMAC clients historically average between 25-125 points for three months of service; results may vary, but when clients follow our advice and guidance we see our best results. In any case, if you follow your coach's suggestions and do not see significant score results, our guarantee promises you'll receive your money back.

What's Included?

Real Experts - Your personal expert will break down each of your reports and draft an action plan to help you get the maximum credit score. We’ll clearly outline any tasks, send relevant educational materials, and prepare correspondence to creditors, credit bureaus, or other organizations.

Real Support - Your credit expert is readily available for the entire service term for any type of questions, concerns, or issues that need to be addressed. This 'personal trainer' for your credit file will stick with you to make sure your goals are fulfilled and your expectations are met.

Real Results - We help to clean up any unverifiable, obsolete, inaccurate, or erroneous information from your credit reports. Significant changes usually come in 30-60 days from enrollment, and credit scores will continue to climb as you continue to follow our expert advice.