Common Questions

Frequently Asked and Answered Questions

How is this different from credit repair?

Credit repair dispute letters and tactics are simply tools to leverage your rights in removing or correcting inaccurate, obsolete and unverifiable information listed on your credit reports. Although we employ credit repair strategies where needed, only 35% of your FICO credit score is derived from your payment history. Our company doesn't think 35% is enough—not 50% or even 99% either. For us, it’s important to look at all factors considered in calculating credit scores. CMAC Credit Experts will help to coach and mentor you on the "model behaviors" that the credit scoring models are looking for to indicate the lowest risk and give you the highest scores. Learn more about how CMAC is better than traditional credit repair

Why shouldn't I just do this myself?

While it's possible that you could invest the time and energy to research and compose "credit repair" letters, there's much more to improving your score. We do a lot more than prepare documents for our clients; credit scoring is a very complex mathematical process which includes factors far beyond what you’ll read on the web or hear from a coworker or friend. Paying, closing, or removing the wrong pieces of information, even if considered potentially negative, can backfire. Unfortunately this is an area where hard work and common sense mean little to nothing. You can either wait it out, play 'trial and error', or get help.

Consider that there are many things that with enough knowledge or experience you can do without the assistance of others. You can file your taxes by yourself, invest in the stock market on your own, represent yourself in court, repair your own car—you can even cut your own hair! But then again, many people don’t have the time or the energy to invest in successfully mastering each of these areas. They like the idea of hiring a professional to assist them with an area the professional has experience, intelligence, confidence, and skills to outperform an amateur. We all have a trade, hobby, or subject matter that we have perfected with hours, days, months, and years of diligence and dedication. Our passion is credit scoring; and we know that investing in your credit scores is one of the best financial decision you'll make.

Do your fees include my report?

Our fees include the initial access of your personal credit reports and FICO scores and disclosure of all information therein, but we cannot distribute this raw report. Those in the CMAC Express service will obtain updated copies of their reports directly from the credit bureaus about 6 weeks into the process.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. We do not share information with any organization with regard to your personal data unless you have explicitly asked or permitted us to do so. No one except your personal credit expert (and his/her team members and supervisors) will see or have access to your file and personal information. We do not sell any of our clients' information. Review our privacy policy

How long before I see results?

Initial results will occur within the first 45-60 days of our service, and as you implement our discipline, new behaviors and credit management techniques, your scores will continue to rise well into and after your service period. All of our programs are designed to have you ready for financing in six months or less. Learn more about how it works and our results

How does your guarantee work?

Unlike companies that offer vague or general guarantees, CMAC Credit Experts' guarantee is performance-based and specific. If we fail to do our job in obtaining you the score increase we promise, you get 100%—that's every single penny—of your money back. Our unique process yields consistent results that we're confident will perform for you.

After working with CMAC Credit Experts, our clients traditionally see increases on each credit score ranging between 50 and 250 points by the end of their service period. For our CMAC Express (60 day) service, you are guaranteed an average increase of 25 points or more.

To be eligible for a guarantee claim, clients must have followed the advice as directed by their CMAC Credit Expert. Our program is designed to assist in removing information that could potentially harm your credit score, but primarily focused to provide coaching, mentoring and assistance to get you the very best credit score possible. If you take any action during your service term which conflicts with the advice or suggestions that your credit expert provided, your guarantee is no longer valid.

From our client agreement:

If Client has satisfied all suggestions and advice from his/her "CMAC Credit Expert" and he/she does not receive a 25 point minimum average increase on his/her FICO credit scores within 60 days of Enrollment Date, upon request and after review he/she will be refunded 100% of the monies paid to CMAC. Client understands that he/she must follow the advice or instruction of his/her CMAC Credit Expert or he/she nullifies his/her point guarantee. Client also understands that any new negative entries or adverse action upon his/her credit report(s) or score(s) after Enrollment Date will nullify his/her point guarantee.

Who will handle my file?

A CMAC Credit Expert is assigned to your file and will work with you throughout the process to attain your goals. Once you are paired with an expert we believe it’s important for that one person to oversee your file. Our service is designed to put the knowledge of a professional expert on your side to identify your needs, outline a strategy, and deliver relevant solutions. A "one size fits all" approach is ineffective at achieving long term credit success.

Can you help with my bad debts?

Yes. We will identify and prioritize all collections and bad debts and discuss in detail how to negotiate and settle with highest consideration given to the improvement of your scores. We outline an action plan that's very easy to follow that provides recommended settlement terms, contact information, order of importance and more. Please note we do not call your creditors and settle the debts for you. Our program is designed to provide you with a complete package to improve your credit scores.

Can you help with my credit card debt?

Yes. We will identify and prioritize any revolving accounts present and develop a plan of payment with highest consideration given to the improvement of your scores. Our CMAC Revolving Account Analysis will show you how and where to pay to get the biggest "bang" for your buck. We do not consolidate your debt or pay credit card companies on your behalf.

Which service is best for me?

Our most popular service is our CMAC Express option, a 60 day service. Yielding fast results in as little as 30-45 days, we recommend this service for you if you have a handful of bumps in the road and/or your credit score is roughly 600 or above. If you've had major public records such as a bankruptcy, judgments, or tax liens, and/or if you score is well below 600, you may need to start with CMAC Express and renew your account after 60 days.

If you're not sure which service option is right for you, our CMAC Consult can get you started on the right path. All people, no matter their credit history or education, can highly benefit from the CMAC Consult. This one hour service can provide invaluable guidance and a crash course on credit education.

Contact our office for help at 1-888-330-1895 or View Our Service Options.

Do your fees include my spouse?

We happily offer a discount to spouses or partners who share the same mailing address. Your spouse or partner can start his/her service with you for 50% of the normal service cost.

Are you a law firm?

No. CMAC Credit Experts is not attorney managed, owned, or operated. Unless you are seeking to sue your creditors or the credit bureaus, there is nothing an attorney can do for you that CMAC Credit Experts cannot; even then, the methods utilized by credit repair attorneys can actually harm your scores.

We have legal counsel available for extreme situations, but we are credit experts and our focus is fixed upon improving your credit scores. The advice we provide does not constitute as, and is not substitute for, legal advice.

Is your process legal?

Absolutely! CMAC Credit Experts is completely opposed to any illegal practices; every strategy we employ is 100% legal and will leverage the power of your federally guaranteed rights and privileges. We've been building the trust of our clients and partners since 2001 and would never risk our reputation with shady techniques.

CMAC Credit Experts is bonded, fully licensed to perform credit services, and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

What kind of results should I expect?

All of our results are measured by your credit score increase. Depending on the particulars of your file, you will see results with CMAC from 25 - 250 points on each of your FICO scores. Over 85% of our clients see at least 45 points on each score in their first 45 days of service with CMAC Express, and our average increase is well over 80 points. If our services do not perform, you are entitled to 100% of your money back under our guarantee.

Can your programs help anyone?

Just about! It doesn't matter if you've had bankruptcies, collections, tax liens, judgements, foreclosures, repossessions or anything else—even those who have no negative information can improve their scores with CMAC Credit Experts.

There are a few situations in which our services are not ideal for you; if you are currently paying your bills 30 days late or more and cannot get caught up, or if you are unwilling to accept our guidance, we may not be the right fit for you. If you're not sure what to do in your situation, call our office to talk with a CMAC Credit Expert at 1-888-330-1895 and we can point you in the right direction.