Finding Our Synergies

We Improve Scores By:

  • Helping to remove inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable information
  • Helping to resolve/settle outstanding balances
  • Teaching how to use and manage accounts

Each Service Includes:

  • Unlimited contact with a personal, one on one CMAC Credit Expert
  • Letters and document preparation for the credit bureaus and creditors
  • Educational tools/resources

Transform Turn-downs Into Closings!

CMAC provides credit mentoring programs designed to quickly and legally improve just about anybody's credit scores. In less than 45 days CMAC clients see results ranging from 25 - 125 points on each of their FICO credit scores.

Find New Borrowers and Reinforce Customer Loyalty

Maintaining or re-establishing good credit is an increasing concern for many consumers—and with turbulent economic times come an influx of borrowers who have lingering credit issues. Whether you are looking to transform your turn-downs into closings, cultivate new clients, or protect your organization from loss, CMAC can help.

Never Lose a Deal to Bad Credit Again

How many times have you lost a deal because of a difficult credit report? How often do you turn someone away because his or her score wasn't good enough? What if CMAC was able to help you qualify just one more borrower each month? Your current turndowns could be just 45 days away from "Approved".

Save Time and Make More Money

If you've been looking for a professional, effective solution for your clients' credit problems, you found it. CMAC Credit Experts offers co-branded marketing opportunities, free resources, and unparalleled service to our partners and their customers. We keep you posted throughout the process, advise on expected completion, and encourage the client to return to you when finished