Service Overview

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CMAC Consult

1-Hour Credit Consultation

Our Consult Service is a thorough examination of your credit reports and scores designed to give you invaluable feedback and credit education. During this one hour credit checkup, a credit expert will advise on your best course of action to get the highest credit scores.

  • 1 Hour Credit Consultation
  • 3 Credit Bureau Scores
  • Complete Credit Audit and Evaluation
$100 One time cost
Applicable to CMAC Express

CMAC Credit Expert Kit

Perfect for "Do-It-Yourself"ers

Coming soon!

CMAC Express

60 Day Credit Service for New Clients

Our Express Service is designed to quickly and easily boost your credit scores. We'll handle the paperwork and your credit expert will work with you on paying off debt, establishing credit, and improving your scores. Get ready to return for financing in as little as 45 days.

  • GUARANTEED Credit Score Increase
  • UNLIMITED Expert Support for 60 days
  • Results Guaranteed within 60 days
  • Initial Credit Consultation
  • 3 Credit Bureau Scores
  • 2 Months of Document Review
  • Final Review Credit Audit
Professional Credit Repair Included:
  • 3 Credit bureau dispute letters
  • 2 Direct disputes or Goodwill letters
  • CMAC Revolving Analysis
  • CMAC Bad Debt Action Plan
$200 to Start
Total Cost: $400
No hidden fees, No recurring fees!

CMAC Renewal

For Former Clients That Need More Help

Our Renewal Service is designed to help rehabilitate more damaged credit files or those without any credit over a slightly longer service term. This service is best for you if you've had a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other more serious credit trouble. Continue working with your original credit expert, or request a new credit expert to take over your file. Only select this option if your last service term is within 30 days of expiration.

Extend or Renew your CMAC Express service for 60 days for only $200